Devera Distributing is Closed

Due to changes we have experienced in retail markets over the last several years, we have determined that a small scale independent distribution company is no longer sustainable. Sadly, that means that several of the single items produced by authors/artists that we have carried here may now be more difficult to find for wholesale buyers, but several of them are available through other distributors or from the authors/artists themselves.

Here are links to find three of the lines of products that we have carried that are still available for wholesale ordering.

Living Magick Learning Card Series
Self-study flash cards and reference sheets for Astrology - Crystals & Stones - I Ching - Kaballah Numerology - Oghams - Palmistry - Runes - Tarot

Mythic Images Collection
The works of Oberon Zell including Books, Statuary, Plaques and Jewelry

Ancient Circles Collection
Ritual Robes and Tapestries

Retail Customers
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Jay and Jadzia DeForest